King & MacGregor Environmental and Ecological Consulting Services

Critical Dune/High Risk Erosion Services

King & MacGregor Environmental, Inc. (KME) assists clients by evaluating their project to determine whether the site is in the designated Critical Dune area and/or the High Risk Erosion area and what the 30-year and 60-year setbacks are for the subject site. If the project is in Critical Dune Area, the location of the slopes that are greater than 33% will be determined on-site. If the project is in the High Risk Erosion Area, the location of the 30-year and 60-year setbacks will be determined on-site.

KME will work with the client to determine appropriate home and associated infrastructure placement that will likely be permitted by the MDEQ or discuss design options. KME will assist the client through the MDEQ permit application process including permit application preparation, recommending appropriate drawings to be submitted and coordinating with the MDEQ representative. KME is also qualified to conduct surveys to determine if endangered or threatened plant or animal species are present on the subject property, which can be a concern on Great Lakes shoreline properties.

KME provides the following services:

  • Critical Dune regulatory evaluation

  • High Risk Erosion Area regulatory evaluation

  • Critical Dune land use analysis

  • Rare, Endangered and Threatened species
    surveys and plans

  • Critical Dune/High Risk Erosion Area
    permit assistance

Critical dune along the coast of Lake Michigan

Eroding dune slope

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