King & MacGregor Environmental and Ecological Consulting Services

Dispute Resolution/Expert Witness Services

King & MacGregor Environmental, Inc. (KME) employs natural resource professionals with a wide array of expert experience. We have provided expert witness services to many legal firms across the State of Michigan and have served a range of clients, including municipalities, industry, developers, tribal authorities, state and local governments and individuals. KME professionals take the lead in developing affidavits, exhibits and expert witness testimony in close coordination with the attorneys as well as the other experts involved in the cases.

KME professionals have testified in administrative hearings as well as state and federal courts on behalf of our clients. We recognize that legal action is time consuming, emotional and expensive. The approach that we use is to develop the best possible case for our client's attorneys to present to the court. While the outcome of litigation is not certain (even in the best cases) because cases can turn on unexpected legal issues or jury decisions, we prepare diligently to help ensure that our part of the case is as solid as it can be and that our testimony accurately presents the case that we have prepared. Effective presentation to the court requires a professional approach and demeanor, which ultimately reflects upon our clients.

KME provides the following services:

  • Conduct comprehensive file review

  • Complete field investigations

  • Perform literature research

  • Prepare affidavits and exhibits

  • Participate in depositions of the opposing witnesses by preparing questions and analysis of their testimony for use by counsel

  • Work closely with our client's attorneys in preparation of our expert witness testimony

  • Testify at hearings, depositions and trials

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