King & MacGregor Environmental and Ecological Consulting Services

Mining Services

The team of natural resource scientists at King & MacGregor Environmental, Inc. (KME) serves the needs of the mining industry with our high-quality state and federal permitting services and our diverse experience with projects of all sizes. Mining has the potential to encroach on the landscape on a large scale. The aesthetics of a mined landscape may be unpleasant, but mining is necessary in our society and is a closely regulated industry. KME has successfully assisted in obtaining permits for numerous mining development projects.

Mining is coming under increasing scrutiny by regulatory agencies and citizen organizations. The result is that mining companies must properly address all issues associated with mine operation and expansion, including natural resource impacts. Ecological resource studies must be conducted well in advance of planned mine construction or expansion. KME knows what it takes to successfully navigate through this process and has a working knowledge of surface mining operations.

KME provides the following services:

  • Regulatory assistance with open pit mines, tailings basins, pit development, rock stockpiles and
    related infrastructure

  • Alternatives analysis facilitation for permit applications

  • Complete natural resource assessment capabilities

  • Land reclamation planning, design and implementation

  • Compensatory lake, stream, and wetland mitigation strategy, design, construction supervision
    and monitoring

Representative Project

Republic Mine Reclamation and Wetlands Preserve

Osprey nest platform and Milwaukee Lake
in the Wetland Preserve at Republic Mine

Wetland adjacent to the Tilden Mine stockpile

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