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Streamwood Estates - Streambank Restoration

Streamwood Estates is a condominium project along the Clinton River which provides scenic views for community residents. Over the years the streambank of the river had eroded in several locations; the community responded with the installation of concrete rip-rap. In 2007, a large section of streambank collapsed into the river and Streamwood Estates contacted King & MacGregor Environmental, Inc. (KME) to assist in repairing the streambank to its original condition using natural stream design principles.

The permitted design consisted of a boulder bankfull shelf, creation of a wetland along the bankfull shelf, and vegetated terracing for bank stabilization for 90 lineal feet with an average streambank height of 12 feet. KME conducted site investigations, developed plans for permitting and construction, bid coordination and provided construction observation.

Project Highlights

  • Prepared and successfully implemented approximately 90 lineal feet of streambank restoration and stabilization based on natural stream design principles for a private residential community along the Clinton River.

  • Acquired approvals from Rochester Hills and Michigan Department Environmental Quality.

Project Information

Client: Streamwood Estates
Location: Oakland County, Michigan

Eroded streambank along
Clinton River - Summer 2007

Restored streambank after one season
of growth - Spring 2008

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