King & MacGregor Environmental and Ecological Consulting Services

Hemlock Semiconductor Corporation

Permitting Assistance, Wetland Mitigation and Stream Relocation

King & MacGregor Environmental (KME) has been the primary natural resource consultant for Hemlock Semiconductor Corporation (HSC) since 1996. HSC is the world's leading producer of polycrystalline, a base material utilized for solar panel and computer chip manufacturing. KME has been able to assist HSC in obtaining Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ) and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) permits for three major facility expansions requiring over 40 acres of wetland impact and over two billion dollars of capital investment. KME has designed and supervised the construction of over 50 acres of compensatory wetland mitigation. Each expansion has involved a complex set of circumstances, extensive interagency coordination, and time sensitive results while maintaining confidentiality over proprietary processes.

Project Highlights

  • Obtained MDEQ and EPA wetland impact permits for over 40 acres to facilitate industrial expansion

  • Worked with HSC and regulatory personnel on fast- tracked timeline to allow for job creation in Michigan in competition with global markets

  • Designed and supervised construction of over 50 acres of wetland, including over 40 acres of forested wetland

  • Provided on-going support and consulting services to address complex natural resource and regulatory issues for all aspects of facility expansion and operation

Project Information

Client: Hemlock Semiconductor Corporation
Location: Saginaw County, Michigan

Emergent wetland during initial excavation

Emergent wetland created out of
sand borrow area, summer 2008

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