King & MacGregor Environmental and Ecological Consulting Services

Stream/Drain Relocation and Restoration Services

The ecologists and registered Landscape Architects at King & MacGregor Environmental, Inc. (KME) have extensive experience with ecological assessment, relocation, restoration, and mitigation of streams and drains throughout Michigan. Whether assessing the aquatic biological condition of a stream section, stabilizing an eroding bank or designing a new channel for several thousand lineal feet of relocated drain, KME can provide valuable consultation services. KME services include ecological assessment expertise, permitting assistance and preparation of detailed construction documents that meet the requirements of the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ), County Drain Commissioners and local authorities.

KME's approach to stream work considers existing stream hydraulics, ecological functions and societal values. Successful KME projects range from pristine streams in the Upper Peninsula to county drains in Metro Detroit.

KME provides the following services:

  • Permit applications for the MDEQ, County Drain Commissioners and local authorities

  • Stream relocation, stabilization and restoration plans

  • Plant and wildlife habitat improvement plans

  • Detailed reports, including seeding specifications

  • Customized soil amendment treatment regimes for restoration

  • Construction monitoring

  • Fish and aquatic insect sampling to determine stream biological condition

  • Stream and riparian habitat assessment

Representative Project

Dead River Riparian Corridor and Stream Restoration

Stabilized slopes on a relocated drain with
pools, riffles and runs

Relocated stream with pools and riffles
at Farmington Hills Corporate Campus

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